To get your tickets online, please visit to receive your voucher code(s) and redeem with your voucher code(s) to get your tickets at Or visit a participating theatre box office. RUSSELL, a Jack Russell Terrier, is a wimpy street pup afraid of his own shadow whose only dream is to have a family he can call his own. What he didn’t expect was to find a home as the world’s newest wrestling sensation. For years, Ferraro Wrestling Arena in Portland was the place to be every Thursday night. Owner MAXIMILLIANO FERRARO was the man behind its success and his grandson NATE, 10, was the sport’s biggest fan. But then, the Wrestler’s United Federation (WUF) moved across town and became the new wrestling hotspot, taking their fans and wrestlers with it. Knowing it was a sinking ship, Nate’s father moved his son to California. Without his family or the wrestlers to help keep things afloat, the building suffered and Maximilliano eventually died of a broken heart. Now fully grown, NATE, along with his wife, COLLEEN, son MAX JR, 10, and daughter LENA, 6, have moved back to Portland after receiving the Arena in his Grandfather’s Will with a stipulation that he must operate the business and turn a profit within a year before he can take full ownership. Unfortunately, the place is now dilapidated and Nate’s lost interest in the family business. His plan is to sell the building and go back home as soon as they turn a profit. But that’s easier said than done. The crowds aren’t interested in aged versions of the wrestlers of yesteryear. Nate needs a plan fast, he just doesn’t know what, until he meets Russell. After accidentally landing in the wrestling ring while fleeing his nemesis, DOZER, a street Bulldog, Russell unintentionally defeats VICK VICE, to become the new hot ticket wrestler in town, earning him a trainer in a monkey named HUNK, a family in the Ferraro’s and even garnering the attention of MICK VAUGHN at the WUF. When things start to escalate beyond their control, Russell, Hunk and the Ferraro’s must remember the number one rule in Ferraro Wrestling; The Strongest Tag Team is Family.


Robert Vince