Greg and Nelson are two complete opposites who will do anything to get 100% Home Teaching--even if it kills them! For Greg, Sunday equals football and chicken wings. For Nelson, Sunday means going to Church all day and pouring over the most recent commentary on the Bible. But, when the two are paired up on the last day of the month as home teaching partners, personalities collide and all wackiness ensues. Home teaching is the practice in the LDS Church of assigning members of a congregation to watch over and attend to the needs of other families within the congregation. Every adult male is assigned a partner and a set of families to assist. Nelson is so determined to meet the requirements of 100% home teaching that he drags Greg, kicking and screaming--literally--on an all day adventure that sends them careening off cliffs, crashing through ceilings, and running for their lives from deer poachers all in an effort to get 100% home teaching.


Kurt Hale