Deadpool 2: Breaking down the NEW trailer

Deadpool 2: Breaking down the NEW trailer

I think there are some similarities between Ryan Reynolds and his fictional character of Wade Wilson/Deadpool in Deadpool.

Humour me for a moment. Suppose you’re Wade Wilson. You’re engaged to your soulmate when suddenly you’re diagnosed with a terminal cancer. So you break up, in her best interest (so you tell yourself) or, more likely, so you can wallow in self-pity. A shadowy figure comes into your life, telling you that there may be a chance of survival through an "experimental" procedure. But then this organization will "own" you. But who cares about that - you take the procedure, right? I mean, what have you got to lose, right? Right??

Now suppose you’re Ryan Reynolds. You’ve got a stream of mediocre movies to your credit and your career is slowly dying. You long for a miracle. And then along comes the opportunity of a lifetime – the opportunity to play the wisecracking mercenary Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool. On paper, it looks like the character of Deadpool could be a risk – especially after that Green Lantern fiasco (and X-Men Origins: Wolverine). Not to mention the fact that the movie’s gonna be rated “R”. But…the role could be a career-saver and vault you back into the A-lister category. You take it, right? I mean, what have you got to lose, right? Right??

The figures don’t lie – Deadpool grossed over three-quarters of a billion dollars worldwide. So, no surprise, the sequel is heading our way on May 18th (moved up from its original June 1st release date), and now there’s a new trailer to dissect. Here’s what we’ve gleaned from it:

  • Deadpool’s sense of humour is alive and well. The trailer started so dark, with Cable’s talk of being bred into war, that I was a little worried there for a second….until Deadpool brought in the action figures and the trailer became some kind of bizzarro kids tv program...
  • Looks like Deadpool’s facial disfigurement is not yet fixed (I had fully expected some kind of magical cure so he could be fully reunited with Vanessa and live a normal life again…maybe next movie?)
  • In keeping with the comic books, Cable appears to be from the future (and maybe they don’t have a sense of humour in the future? Josh Brolin seems to be playing Cable as one mean badass)
  • Cable seems to have a bullet deflecting bracelet…like Wonder Woman? (Ok, Ok - Cable could be using some kind of mental deflection, but he does raise his arm to seemingly ward off the bullets…).
  • No title on the trailer? IMDB still refers to this movie as “Untitled Deadpool sequel”. iTunes has the words “The Second Coming” on their trailer link but it doesn’t look official (it looks more like a tag line). And there’s no such title in the trailer. Could the “second coming” be what the movie’s about and not the title? Could it?? (Scratch that – too deep).
  • Blind Al will be back! (only this time she’s locked and loaded, and pointed in the wrong direction).
  • It looks like Wade Wilson is wearing the same Hawaiian-style shirt worn by Chunk in The Goonies, which means this movie promises to be full of easter eggs!
  • Love the new poster homage to Flashdance, even if most Deadpool fans probably haven’t seen that movie (yeah, the poster’s probably more of a pop culture icon than the actual movie).

The sequel to Deadpool will be in Cineplex theatres on May 18th. Click here for more details and check out the trailer below!

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